Stumpers: Whyizzit that...

'Tis the season of, "Whoozat? Did we plant that?!"

'Tis the season of, "Whoozat? Did we plant that?!"

Some problems have no solution. All we can do is to share the pain and ease it a bit with laughter. For instance,

Whyizzit that:

...every place I decide to plant a tree, there is a buried pipe or wire in the way?!
...otherwise rational people choose to ignore science when faced with unexpected developments in their garden?
....if I put matching plants on either side of a door or gate, one grows differently than the others?

We share stumpers

with a wry grin and sympathy, and offer a way out wherever we can. Choose from those mentioned on this page or search* "Stumper" in our archives for more.


Stumped by Spring: We are forever stumped and always delighted by Spring. Join us in What's Coming Up 220 for a quiz as we make our annual "Whoozat?" rounds.

Spring is a multi sense festival. Bundle up and go out so you don't miss it. ...Or if you really cannot face the cold, check What's Coming Up 221 for  Stumped by Spring 2. It's another round of spring's beauty, captured.

Sometimes there's just no answer... but we try anyway!

Sometimes there's just no answer... but we try anyway!

Old Spruce Hedge, What's Coming Up #217, March 3, 2016: Whyizzit that the gardener fails to see that her own row of aging spruces or pines can no longer serve its intended purpose? Here's why it's probably better to start over than to plant under those trees, with plenty of photos that may help you recognize the aging spruce in your own blind spot.

Plant Over a Ground Stump? Growing Concerns #647: Whyizzit that we feel compelled to plant replacement plants exactly in the same place as what went before? Don't be fooled by that noisy, powerful stump grinder. It's rarely a good idea to plant right over the ground-out stump.

Tree Brokers, Growing Concerns #647: Whyizzit that we hear about fine, full-grown trees being dug and moved, but there's no buyer for your grand old Japanese maple?

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